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April 5th, 2012

03:58 pm: [sticky post] Short Temp Intro..MEEE TO YOUU.
You may know me from...(who am i kidding, im sure you havent heard of me -)I have so many loves and passions and random ass thoughts, and i do enjoy tumblr tons, its a fantastic creative outlit, but i wanted a more personal blog too, where i could feel like i dont have to post certain topics or things or whatever..or annoy people by my babbling when they just want to see celebs reblogged (hey, i do too, LOTS) but wanted this here....
    to be more personal/get to know more people genuinely, share REAL talk about ourselves, and our passionate fiery love addictions to anything you like.


but the point being, i'm excited to meet you guys.  maybe make some new radical loves who happen to have a tumblr too, i just want to meet and get to know you rad bamfs in general.
hope to talk to you soon,
xx (shit, i mean "sassy_stark")

ps...i freaking love photoshop.  and want to devour your tutorials and knowledge and love you forever.

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June 2nd, 2012

04:33 pm: movies im obsessed about seeing(trailers 2012)
ok heres a boring post about the trailers i keep re-watching and am dying to see.

first off; this trailer for baz luhrmann's "the great gatsby" -- featuring a couple of my all time favorite actors.

The Great Gatsby

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The Bourne Legacy

The Amazing Spider-Man (4 min extended trailer)

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May 11th, 2012

11:22 pm: May 11 2012 - Sorry i haven't posted in awhile here
Around my 21st bday, (April 27) things were crazy f'ing hectic in the worst way.  I had to do all this crap and meet with someone with our insurance my family uses and to get this personally written letter from my regular college saying i was a full time student /just so that i could stay on my parents insurance for one more year *yeah  being military is fine.  i'm lucky i have a local community college i'm also taking classes at to get my 'normal' degree in English on the side while going to my Boston Univ. Digital Imaging School full time (for my professional certification through B.U. and Apple in Digital Filmmaking - ) in DC because , <--that art school is not considered a 'credentialed school' to the military since it's not a regular 'credited degree' that you receive like you would at any other normal comm. college/technical college/or 4 year university.

Anyways, my parents were being horrible, had to do massive amounts of therapy and *secretly take a break from my film program for a couple of months because i reached a real breaking point emotionally and had so much anxiety and depression that suicidal ideation (i linked that phrase to the wikipedia definition if you haven't heard of it hahah. i'm a nerd, no shame!) -- became a daily playmate in my mind.  Which is extremely new for me.  ANYWAYS GUYS, this is probably the most personal post ive written so far on this new blog of mine.

    And I kind of like it.

Anyways, after all of that miraculously settled together at the last minute with my comm college and insurance company/i had my appt on the military base and everything was amazing.  I'm good for another year of insurance, which means that I don't have to stop seeing my fucking -- seriously -- God sent therapist & psychiatrist.

They have made the difference of life & death for me. 
And I just want to say, if any of you guys *even if we've never talked or messaged before and you're reading this because you came upon my site by accident but you feel you can relate in some sort of way* -- want to talk about any of this stuff, have questions of what you want to do personally to get help/or just want someone to vent to about ANYTHING -->

PLEASE NEVER HESITATE TO TALK TO ME.  ABOUT ANYTHING.  I promise you, i will most likely be able to relate to anything you throw at me.  and even if i cant relate directly to your current situation (and vice versa -) please talk to me anyways.
I would love to listen.  And do anything I can to help.

[[btw: my personal email --> *feel free to use anytime for any reason! <3 * is --> hacsince91@gmail.com ]]
-         -            -            -          -            -           -            -             -           -            -             -            -

here are 2 of my favorite GoT (s01) fan videos -- set to the [super rad - ]: "sail" by awolnation


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April 20th, 2012

12:13 am: so there's this community...
called ontd_asoiaf
and this group..makes me really happy.

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April 8th, 2012

03:18 am: Some inspiration.

^Fantastic person, fantastic friend.  <3  Definitely visit her site and read the letter and check out her free album download.  She just doesnt give a fuck, and i love her for that.

and this...just this. this here.^


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